Month: September 2020

Episode 21 – Belle Gunness

This week, Kat tells Logan the story of Belle Gunness. A Norwegian born black widow, living in Indiana, who killed around 40 people between 1884 – 1908.

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Episode 119: Kill it with Everything

After talking about new game characters, funny teams names, and standalone DLC’s, Kat and Kaden talk about ‘Kill It With Fire’; a game about murdering spiders with everything but the kitchen sink.

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Ep. 124 – Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

This week ends the Summer of Star Trek and the guys getting SoST as they dip their toe into a touchy political topic, dunk into the ways James tries to avoid reviewing movies he doesn’t like, and dive into why Picard looks forward to a nude wedding cerem…

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