Month: November 2017

Battlefront 2 Release

This week Garrick and Crowley welcome Mike from the Cantina Cast and Cab from their Discord channel to discuss StarWars Battlefront 2. They review the game, the release, and EA and their response to rage against the (what some call) pay2win progression s

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Loot Boxes

Garrick and Crowley tackle the sensitive subject of loot boxes and real money transactions (RMT) in video games. They discuss the latest Battlefront II loot box news, good example of RMTs, and bad examples of RMTs.

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Gran Turismo Sport

Crowley and Garrick review their November Game of the Month: Gran Turismo Sport for the PS4. The hosts discuss what they did not like about the game, the aspects of the game that were really good, and then tell you their opinion on if it’s worth picking

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