Month: November 2018

Ep. 36 – Akira (1988)

In this weeks episode we take a look at the animated sci-fi classic about a boy and his deep seeded mistrust of nightmarish stuffed animals and his love of recumbent motorcycles and throbbing psychic limbs, it’s 1988’s Akira.

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Episode 63: Gaming News & God of War


Welcome back Joe
Thanksgiving Catch-up
Black Friday Buys

Gaming news

In news that will piss off gamers everywhere….BLIZZARD IS GOING MOBILE
Discord Nitro
CoD outsold RDR2 in October
Speaking of RDR2, it’s November 25…where’s that multiplayer?

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Ep. 35 – OBSG – S01E12-13 – The Living Legend

In this week’s episode we discuss the strategic tactics of cult-like followings, the wonders of epic eyebrows and say goodbye to Old School BSG.

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Episode 62: Black Friday (2018) Buying Guide

Crowley welcomes Cab and Joe to the show this week. The trio discuss Sony pulling out of E3, FFXIV Fanfest 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Fallout76. Once they’re done analyzing the news of the week, they deep dive into all the video game deals on Black

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Ep. 34 – OBSG – S01E08-09 – The Gun on Ice Planet Zero

In this episode Rob is back and we discuss the wintery mess that is this two part episode that crashed into a planet sized asteroid with a pump action laser cannon on top of a mountain. Links mentioned in the episode:…

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Episode 61: X018, Gaming Culture, and NOW HIRING!

Crowley puts out the call for two new co-hosts to join him on a permanent basis. Apply by emailing him at or contacting EGM at
Crowley goes solo and covers the highlights from X018, held in Mexi

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Ep. 33 – OBSG – S01E06-07 – The Lost Warrior and The Long Patrol

In this week’s episode we discuss space westerns, spaced out warriors and space Irish.  These two episodes were a lot of wasted space.

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Episode 60: Red Dead Redemption 2 Single Player FULL REVIEW

Garrick and Crowley welcome special guest Chris (Herd63 on our Discord server) to the show. The three discuss idiotic comments made by a Kotaku journalist on Twitter, and idiotic comments made by the guy who runs Blizzard Watch. The trio continue the idi

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