Bad Gamers Anonymous

Episode 113: Blood Pressure Rising

This week, BGA reviews Old Gods Rising; Austin wishes the game would hold his hand and walk him through the objectives, Kaden’s feels so passionately about Bad Blood Studios that his blood pressure goes up, and Kat offers to consult on Bad Blood St

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Episode 112: Maple-free Mafia

This week, Kat is away doing whatever Canadians do, so Kaden and Austin run the show! After discussing how Amazon is a terrible game developer/publisher, the duo talk about Mafia III: Definitive Edition, Kaden goes on more rants, and Austin talks about l

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Episode 111: Welcome to the Jungle

This week, BGA discusses children spending WAY too much money on micro-transactions, allegations made against the president of EVO, and get to wash the taste of Dark Eye: Book of Heroes out of their mouths by reviewing a good game, ‘Predator: Hunti

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Episode 110 – What happens in Germany should stay in Germany

This week BGA reviews The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, based on a German tabletop game ‘The Dark Eye’ that should have stayed just a tabletop game. But before Kaden, Kat, and Austin unanimously agree that this game sucks, they talk about some go

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Episode 109: Valorant

This week on BGA we finally answer the question, does Kat hate first-person shooter’s because she is bad at them, or because she has no taste? But before we review the game Valorant, Kaden and Austin talk about Cyberpunk 2077 release date being pos

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Episode 108: Gears Tactics

This week on BGA, Kat thinks the only exciting thing talked about is the New KFConsole, unless you agree with Kaden and Austin’s opinion on Gears Tactics.

KFC Troll PS5 With Its Very Own Gaming Console

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Episode 107: Minecraft Dungeons

This week on BGA, Kaden, Austin and Kat talk about Steam Game Festival and EA Play Live being postponed, statistics nobody cares about, and Crucible removing two of its three game modes. From there they dive into their review of Minecraft Dungeons.


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Episode 106: Crucible

This week the BGA crew dive into Amazon Games’ entry into the wide world of third person shooters as they review Crucible. Is it a worthy contender? Did the deep pockets of the online retail behemoth carve out a wedge they can expand into and knock

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Episode 105 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This week on BGA, Austin, Kaden, and Kat talk about AI PAC-MAN, COVID-19 Phishing, and Ghost of Tsushima news. From there they jump into their review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

PAC-MAN Recreated with AI by NVIDIA Researchers:


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Episode 104: The Forest

This week on BGA, Kaden, Kat, and Austin talk about Anthem developers trying to figure out what went wrong with the game, people being unhappy about Doom Eternal’s anti-cheat mode, and GTA V breaking the Epic Games store. From there they dive into

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