Episode 30: The Fight Club Pt 2

In this episode, (which might actually be our shortest episode in the history of this podcast) we discuss the fight trauma response, what’s happening in your brain and the origins of this particular response. With a special little guest at the end!

As you can see, Steph rolled her eyes at me when it came to cutting out parts to make this a one part episode but that’s why we love her! She keeps me grounded and reminds me of our top priorities when we started Stay Wild, Trauma Child.

Which is, not editing/filtering ourselves to be more palatable to potential new listeners or enticing to the wrong brands as we continue to grow. We hope that, even in the midst of our multi-part episodes, you can hear our commitment to keeping our voices, stories and feelings as raw and real as possible. And in response, that it encourages you to always do the same ❤️

P.s. We apologize for the sound quality but, shit happens yall! love you! 

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