Episode 30: The Fight Club Pt 1

Welcome to the very first episode of our Trauma Response series! Where we, of course, spend the first 36 minutes loosely reflecting on our childhoods and where some of our own responses might have stemmed from.

We spend the majority of the episode telling stories but hopefully some listeners can relate. We cover everything from the dynamics of divorce in our childhood, illnesses, step parents, your parents roles in your own marriage and how committing to working through these things has an impact on your actions as adult.

The last 8-10 min we really start jumping into the details of the fight response.

We hope that even when we get a little squirrel brained and off track, that us being vulnerable in episodes like this also inspires you to be vulnerable. We hope that it encourages you to reflect on your life with a curiosity to create positive change as well. And as always, we hope it reminds you to Stay Wild ❤️

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