Episode 15 Pt 01: ADHD in Real Time.

On this weeks episode you get to join us on a real life adventure into hosting a podcast episode with two people who have ADHD and can talk about 60 different topics in a matter of 20 minutes..

Oh yea.. what’s your favorite kids snack?

This week our dear friend Logan joins us, she is one of the hosts of the Murder Comedy Podcast; Spoiler, They Die!

Have you ever seen that movie?.. ya know the one with that girl, oh what’s her name?

But, in all seriousness we cover an array of topics in this episode, and we bring a whole new level of humor with Logan joining us!

Ugh… I just forgot what I was going to say…

Oh and per usual we are dropping the F bomb like confetti on New Years Eve.. sorry, not sorry!

WAITT… I remembered!

Also this is your trigger warning that in this episode we specifically talk about suicide as well as mental health, PTSD and sexual assault.

We love each and every one of you.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

As always.

Stay Wild <3

Jamie & Steph