Episode 14 Pt. 02: Compassion in the Chaos

Welcome back to part two of the discussion of finding Compassion in the Chaos.

Throughout life we all have beliefs we are stuck on until, life throws us a curve ball that totally changes that perspective.

Opens our eyes to a whole new way of thinking or giving us an inside look to something we maybe had truly not had enough information about to form our once solid opinion.

There is no shame in changing your mind about the way you once thought.

That is called growing as a person and it is highly recommended and, especially encouraged around here!

knowledge is power and the choice is always yours to become more educated on something to gain a better understanding.

As always… we thank you for your support!

If you have sensitive ears for colorful vocabulary, you will want to skip our podcast all together (sorry, not sorry)

Also we talk about some really heavy topics so this is your Trigger Warning that we discuss, domestic violence, mental health, murder, sudden loss grief and any other curve ball life decides to throw our way!

We love you!

Stay Wild,

Jamie & Steph

Music provided by St. Finnikin
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