Episode 13: Trusting Again…Yourself and Others

We are back at it again, thank you for join us for another episode!

This is another amazing episode..if we do say so ourselves! haha

But, seriously if you know us, we are way more humble than that, still can’t believe people listen to us ramble for a minimum of an hour.. so grateful that you do <3

This weeks episode is all about Trust and we felt it was an important follow up to Forgiveness as, they really go hand in hand.

Trust is something that can be difficult to earn but, too easy to break.

We are sharing some of our personal stories about lost trust that has been rebuilt, learning to trust ourselves through different phases of our lives and how sometimes we trust too easily.

Learning to trust others and yourself takes time, show yourself grace and work on not being so hard on yourself.

In time you will get there.

We love you!

Stay Wild


Jamie & Steph

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Music Provided by St. Finnikin