Episode 12: Forgiveness isn’t Always about Them.

Were backkkk!! Another awesome episode of the Stay Wild, Trauma Child Podcast.

In this episode we are talking about Forgiveness. This is going to be part one of the discussion, where we are talking about forgiving other people and how it is an essential part of the healing journey. Definitely not always an easy thing to do but, forgiveness in general isn’t always an easy thing but, it is so freeing once you allow yourself to go to the space of healing.

As always be on the alert for severe potty mouthsss! What can I saw we sparkle cuss words on our podcast like glitter!!! (sorry not sorry)

And believe us, our moms already know we have them!

This is also your trigger warning that we talk about highly difficult topics such a domestic violence, murder, sudden loss, grief, mental health and other areas of abuse. So please take note that if those topics are hard for you to listen to, this is not going to be the show for you.

As always, we love you. Be good to yourself.

Stay Wild.


Jamie & Steph

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