Episode 11: Holding Yourself Realistically Accountable.

So.. to be honest, this was supposed to be split into two episodes but, we clearly don’t know how to shut up!

With that being said… Welcome back to another episode of Stay Wild, Trauma Child!

There has been a lot of discussion in our home about different stages of our lives, how we feel about the progress we have made during those stages and the progress we didn’t make.

Just a reminder, we use the F word like a comma, an adjective and a verb, sorry not sorry.

Also this is your trigger warning that we talk about some highly sensitive topics such as domestic violence, murder, sudden loss, grief, mental health and anything else that will stir the pot! So if any of those topics bother you, this is definitely not the show for you!

If you are one of our people, grab a beverage and a comfy seat cause you’re in for the long haul on this one =]

We love you.

Stay Wild, Trauma Child.


Jamie & Steph

Music is provided by St. Finnikin.

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