Episode 10: All

Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Stay Wild, Trauma Child Podcast!

Jamie and I decided after some how convincing you all to listen to us cry for 9 Episodes that well, maybe we should tell you a little more about ourselves.

In this episode we are talking a little bit more about our growing up trip and full disclosure, its a bit of a hot mess episode so enjoy!

As always, beware of our potty mouths and the harsh truth bombs we throw your way.

Also, this is your trigger warning that there is talk of sudden loss, grief, mental health, addiction, abuse and possibly a few other topics that may upset you so if any of those things bother you, this isn’t going to be the show for you.

as always Stay Wild, Trauma Child

we love you.


Jamie and Steph

Music is provided by St Finnikin.

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