Episode 08: Denormalizing Toxic Relationship “Norms”

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Stay Wild, Trauma Child Podcast!

If you are new to our show, welcome and let us fill you in on how things go down on our show. We virtually have no filters so if swearing and dark humor are not things you enjoy, I would suggest not listening to our show.

Also we talk about some highly sensitive subjects Trigger Warning Those subjects include domestic violence, murder, grief, sexual assault, mental health, suicide and addiction.

In this particular episode we are discussing Denormalizing Toxic behaviors that become the “norm” in relationships. This is not narrowed down to simply romantic relationships but, the ones that we have with our family and friends as well.

Sometimes it takes an outside source to point out that certain behaviors may not be “normal”. Too often it can be hard for us to see outside of these toxic behaviors because they may be the only frame of reference that we have.

Thank you for joining us and remember… Stay Wild, Trauma Child 🤍

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