Episode 07: Unlearning The Unhealthy

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Stay Wild, Trauma Child Podcast!

If you are new to our show, welcome and let us fill you in on how things go down on our show.
We virtually have no filters so if swearing and dark humor are not things you enjoy, I would suggest not listening to our show.

Also we talk about some highly sensitive subjects Trigger Warning Those subjects include domestic violence, murder, grief, sexual assault, mental health, suicide and addiction.

When trying to unlearn negative or toxic coping skills, you first have to determine which ones are your biggest ‘enemy’. For a lot of us, we aren’t educated enough in the ways or mental health, abuse, trauma etc to identify EXACTLY what the problem is.

My personal rule of thumb has been to start with educating myself, then identify what my biggest issues are from a knowledgeable perspective, set realistic goals to help change that pattern and then “have meetings” and check in with myself.

Then, rinse and repeat with each thought pattern or behavior. One step at a time, don’t bite off more than you can chew… healing is HARD 🤍

Always acknowledge your progress, even down to the tiniest victories.

Thank you for joining us and remember… Stay Wild, Trauma Child 🤍

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