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Episode 104: The Forest

This week on BGA, Kaden, Kat, and Austin talk about Anthem developers trying to figure out what went wrong with the game, people being unhappy about Doom Eternal’s anti-cheat mode, and GTA V breaking the Epic Games store. From there they dive into

Episode 103 – Bleeding Edge

This week, Austin Kaden and Kat talk about some interesting news articles, and some not so interesting, before diving into their review of this 4v4 multiplayer game, Bleeding Edge.

Xbox Series X Reveals Games Available Upon Release

Xbox Series X R

Episode 102 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This week on BGA, Austin, Kaden, and Kat talk about the Xbox Series X release, a new game that could help stop the spread of COVID-19, and a Summer Game Fest that is replacing E3. From there they dive into their review of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Episode 101: Final Fantasy VII Remake

This week on BGA, Jason and Mr. Crowley are back. Austin, Kaden, and Kat talk about some gaming news, then they all dive into the review for Final Fantasy VII.

Kaden: Facebook Gaming is Finally here!

Episode 100: The Outer Worlds

Episode 100! This week, Austin, Kaden, and Kat talk about Facebook’s new gaming App announcement, Fortnite’s new season being postponed, and new game called Pope Simulator. From there they jump into their review of The Outer Worlds.


Episode 99: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

This week on BGA Austin, Kaden, and Kat talk about what hardcore gamers might look like in 20 years, more Stadia news, and Steam being a Good Samaritan. Austin confuses Gene Simmons, Richard Simmons and Gene Richard, Kat struggles with math, and Kaden ha

Episode 98: Doom Eternal

This week, Kat, Kaden and Austin talk about all the fun gaming news resulting from COVID-19, and Amazons possible new cloud gaming platform. Their friendship is really put to the test when they discuss their opposing opinions in this weeks review of Doom

Episode 97: COVID-19’s Impact on the Gaming Industry

This week on Bad Gamers Anonymous we are joined by Aaron and James, the hosts of the Drunkenomics podcast. We discuss a small amount of gaming news before getting into our topic this week, COVID-19 and its impact on the gaming industry. We talk about pus

Episode 96: State of Decay 2

Jason is back, for this episode anyways, and we couldn’t be happier! After a brief reunion, Kaden, Austin, Kat, and Jason discuss more stupid Twitch streamers, Game Stop finally closing, Kaden gives a breakdown on how video game piracy works (we do