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Episode 133: The Crowley’s Preshow

This week Aaron and Kat give a sneak peak into the awards, and nominees for The Crowley's.

Episode 132: It was neat

This week Kat gushes over Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Aaron tries to pick apart the game to push her buttons, and Cameron reminisces about Dynasty Warriors.

Episode 131 – Battle Of The Games

This week BGA has a battle of the games. Cameron picks Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Aaron picks Among Us, and to no ones surprise Kat picks Valorant.

Episode 130 – Kat’s Got A Knife

This week Aaron talks about day one console sales, Cameron fan girls over Baby Yoda, and Kat talks about some Canadian something or other. From there the trio discuss...

Episode 129 – Gettin’ That Juice

This week Kat learns the rules of the internet, Aaron plays psychic and predicts the future of the Pikmin franchise, and Cameron learns that gettin’ that juice ain’t easy...

Episode 128: At Least We Died Together

This week Cameron, Aaron and Kat discuss EA’s dirty dealings, Cyberpunk 2077 being delayed yet again, and a long awaited announcement about season 2 of ‘The Witcher’. They then...

Episode 127: A Dash of Paprika

This week Aaron and Kat spice things up with a dash of paprika as they welcome Cameron to the show! After putting him on display for the world to...

Episode 126 – Get Off My Lawn

This week, Aaron and Kat are joined by a couple of grumpy old men, James and Jason. They discuss EA’s latest cash grab, the new Monster Hunter World movie,...

Episode 125 – You’re in my seat

This week, Kat fires Kaden and introduces him to his replacement, Aaron. After talking about a bit of gaming news, the three dive into their review of ‘Forager’.