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Episode 92: Borderlands 3

Bad Gamers Anonymous is back again this week with Jason, Kat, Austin and another new host, Kaden. After introducing himself, everyone dives into current gaming news where they discuss Sony being afraid of the Corona Virus and Stadia trying to stay releva

Episode 91: Monster Hunter World

Bad Gamers Anonymous is back! After a brief hiatus, Jason introduces new hosts Bad Gamer Kat and Bad Gamer Austin. They then go straight into current gaming news where they discuss the upcoming next-get consoles, a new Half-Life game and Minecraft in Can

Episode 90: The Lost Episode

Found in the depths of an abandoned warehouse, the lost Bad Gamers Anonymous episode surfaced but left no clues as to where the hosts, Bad Gamer Joe and Bad Gamer Jason, went after they did their E3 2019 recap and reviewed Warhammer: Chaosbane. If you ha

Episode 89: Total War: Three Kingdoms FULL REVIEW

Before Jason deep dives into Total War: Three Kingdoms, we discuss what we’ve been playing. SPOILER ALERT: Besides Total War: Three Kingdoms we’ve been playing terrible games; like, super-terrible. Then we move on to gaming news: EA’s full line-up at E3,

Episode 88: The Rage on Rage 2

We talk about tapping each other, repeatedly…………………………………………………………… the Simpsons Tapped Out before moving on to talk about other dumpster fires. The Sonic move, Atari, loading times, and the WHO adding a “gaming disorder” to the ever growing list of

Episode 87: A Battle Royale w/Cheese

We welcome the illustrious Morgan McFly on this episode of Bad Gamers Anonymous. Morgan classes up the joint while Joe and Jason do their best to keep playing in the mud. We cover the Sony and Microsoft partnership, strange things in RDR2, the Epic Store

Episode 86: Loot Boxes, D&D, and The Hand of Gilgamech

In this episode of BGA, we discuss the government’s fixation with loot boxes, Crowley’s fixation with SWTOR, Sony’s idiotic attempt at copying Nintendo Direct, and the labor issue in gaming (it’s a good thing Crowley isn’t here for this one, because he’d

Episode 85: Video Games in Hollywood

Crowley returns as Joe is out this week. With Crowley back in the driver’s seat, we discuss all the news that nobody cares about. What news segment would be complete without Crowley baggin’ on Kotaku and Sea of Thieves at the same time!! It’s good to be

Episode 84: The Future of Gaming

This week, we dive into the what the future of gaming looks like, but not before we discuss what we’re playing and cover a ton of gaming news. In news, we discuss how Nintendo Labo makes you throw up (how is this news?), Cox Cable squeezing more money ou