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Episode 124: Split

This week on BGA, Kat and Kaden switch things up a...

Episode 123: Tattletale Simulator

This week on BGA, Kat and Kaden talk about a Breath...

Episode 122: Ratnado

Kaden and Kat talk about a developer and their strange obsession...

Episode 121: Tell Me Why… we didn’t make a Backstreet Boys reference

Contains Spoilers. This week, Kaden talks about a new Borderlands’ D&D inspired tabletop RPG and fan-girls over NVIDIA’s new graphics cards… again, and Kat hogs the floor when reviewing this weeks game: “Tell Me Why”.

Remnants of our Sanity

Before getting into their review of Remnant: From the Ashes, Kat gets excited about the announcement of another Witcher game, and Kaden fan-girls over NVIDIA’s new graphics cards.

Episode 119: Kill it with Everything

After talking about new game characters, funny teams names, and standalone DLC’s, Kat and Kaden talk about ‘Kill It With Fire’; a game about murdering spiders with everything but the kitchen sink.

Total War Troy: How to Break the Economy

This week Kat does what she calls ‘rapid fire news’: Gollum in a toupee, Chernobyl Simulator, and an update on the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. From there Kaden and Kat jump into their review of A Total War Saga: Troy, where Kaden explain

Episode 117: LoL Chess

This week, Kaden and Kat discuss Epic Games’ fued with Apple, before diving into their review of League of Legends, or as Kat likes to call it, ‘LoL Chess’.

Episode 116: This Game is Hellbound

This week Kaden and Kat talk about Ryan Reynolds and his work with, and the potential TikTok ban in the U.S.A. They then get into their review of ‘Hellbound’, how its creator isn’t good at math, and how his Kickstarter ra