Smoking and Drinking in Space

Hosted ByJason, James and Rob

A sci-fi podcast from a couple of guys who think they know sci-fi.

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Ep. 209 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 19 – 23)

Rob and Jason finish off season 1 in their continuing Hot Heroes Summer coverage. They get in the weeds a bit trying to figure out how time travel works in this show. It ends up being a lost cause as the discuss Heroes Season 1 Episodes 19-23.

Ep. 208 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 13 – 18)

This week Hot Heroes Summer continues as the guys discuss Heroes season one episodes thirteen through eighteen.

Ep. 207 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 7 – 12)

It’s Hot Heroes Summer and questions are starting to get answered, but we still don’t fully understand all the powers. Rob and Jason are starting to question their summertime decision. ┬áIt’s Heroes, Season 1 Episodes 7 – 12.

Ep. 206 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 1 – 6)

This week the guys start Hot Heroes Summer with their initial dive into what could have been a major superhero media franchise before the MCU as they discuss season one episodes one through six of NBC’s 2005 TV series, Heroes.
Just a note – for the r…

Ep. 200 – Strange Days (1995)

This week the guys strap on their weird headgear and relive the past as they review 1995’s Strange Days.
Dark Matter Galaxy –
Broken Sun –…

Ep. 204 -Star Trek: Picard (Season 3 Ep. 9 – 10)

This week the guys welcome Stephen from The Gonna Geek Show and Better Podcasting to class up the joint and discuss the last two episodes that wrap everything up on Star Trek: Picard.
Perseverance’s Pet Rock –…

Ep. 203 – Star Trek: Picard (Season 3 Ep. 7 – 8)

This week Rob creeps Jason out with a video and Jason returns the favor as they discuss episodes seven and eight of season 3 of Star Trek: Picard.
Freaky Furby –

Ep. 202 – Star Trek: Picard (Season 3 Ep. 5 – 6)

This week the guys boot up their favorite androids as they review episodes five and six of season three of Star Trek: Picard.
Alien Dandelions –…

Ep. 201 – Star Trek: Picard (Season 3 Ep. 3 – 4)

This week the guys ride the amniotic wave out of the space womb and look back at the sea of space jellyfish who are looking at them too with their big googly eyes as they review episodes three and four of season three of Star Trek: Picard.
Covid 24 -…