Video Game Lounge

Hosted ByJon, Andrew and Kevin

Join us every other week as our three clueless, (elder) millennial hosts discuss beer, video games, life and a ridiculous amount of tangents.

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Episode 6- Gaming as it Stands today: Part 2

This week the boys continue their discussion on what they like...

Episode 5- Gaming as it Stand Today: Part 1

This week the boys share some of the things they like...

Episode 4 Speedrunning

This Episode Jon and Andrew interview Kevin about everything regarding speedrunning....

Episode 3 Our Favorite Video Game Achievements and Feats

This week the boys discuss their favorite video game achievements and...

Episode 2 Our Favorite Story Elements

This Episode the boys discuss their favorite story elements. New Episode...

Episode 0 The Introduction to these 3 Nerds

The Podcast not here for notes and news, but to talk games and drink brews!

Episode 1 Our Top 10 Video Game Moments

This week the boys discuss their top 10 favorite video game moments! And also tangents!