Stay Wild Trauma Child

Hosted BySteph and Jamie

Learn with us, not from us.

Our podcast centers around everything from everyday struggles to truly traumatic events. We will be discussing highly sensitive and very controversial topics in respectful but, very raw and authentic ways. Everything we are discussing we have personally experienced. Our mission is to have a platform where people feel seen, supported and accepted as they are in their darkest days. To feel normal in the abnormal and to give a voice to the unheard. Please join us in our journey of growth and healing.

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Episode 27 Pt. 03: Friendship Through Grief

Episode 27 Pt. 02: Friendship Through Grief

Welcome back for part two, as Jamie mentioned we definitely had...

Episode 27 Pt. 01: Friendship Through Grief

Were backkkk!  Sorry for the delay, life was pretty chaotic and...

Episode 26 Pt. 02: The Betrayal Wound

Thank you for joining us for another episode!  The conversation about...

Episode 26 Pt. 01: The Betrayal Wound

Welcome back! In this episode we are discussing the betrayal wound....

Episode 25 Pt. 02 Friendship Through Mental Health

And the conversation on mental health continues. Hope you have enjoyed...

Episode 25 Pt. 01 Friendship Through Mental Health

Episode 24 Pt. 02: The Injustice Wound

Lets keep the conversation going.. as Jamie said we are transitioning...

Episode 24 Pt. 01: The Injustice Wound