Spoiler They Die

Hosted ByKat and Logan

Spoiler They Die is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by Kat and Logan.

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Episode 50 – The West Memphis Three Part 1

This week Kat and Logan celebrate their 50th episode with a multi-part case! As a team, they tell the story of the Robin Hood Hill murders otherwise known as, The West Memphis Three.

Episode 49 – Issei Sagawa

This week Kat tells Logan about Issei Sagawa, AKA, the Kobe Cannibal. Issei is known for cannibalism and necrophilia which he took part in after he murdered Renee Hartevelt in 1981, only to walk free in 1986 because of a legal “loophole”.

Episode 48 – The Long Island Serial Killer

This week Logan tells Kat about the Long Island Serial Killer (LISK). They have 10 linked victims, some of which are still unidentified, and they have many more cases suspected to be the work of the same killer. There are a few suspects, including an ex-…

Episode 47 – Interview with Tammy Arishenkoff

This week Kat and Logan do their first ever interview with Tammy Arishenkoff. Tammy takes on the weight of keeping the Johnson-Bentley family story in the media and setting up the petition to prevent David Ennis (formerly Shearing) from being paroled. Sh…

Episode 46 – The Johnson-Bentley Family Murders

This week Logan tells Kat the tragic and heartbreaking story of the Johnson-Bentley family murders; three generations murdered in cold blood back in 1982.

Episode 45 – The Papin Sisters

This week Kat tells Logan about Christine and Léa Papin, two sisters who horrifically murdered their employer and her daughter in 1933.

Episode 44 – Carl Eugene Watts

This week Logan tells Kat about Carl Eugene Watts, AKA: The Sunday Morning Slasher. Carl has 15 confirmed murders, countless assaults, and is suspected of 80 or more murders in Michigan, Texas, and Canada. 

Episode 43 – Robert Hansen

This week Kat tells Logan about Robert Hansen, AKA ‘The Butcher Baker’. He confessed to murdering at least 17 women between 1971 – 1983. He was caught when his final victim, Cindy Paulson, managed to escape with her life. What police would uncover during…

Episode 42 – Jason Vukovich

This week Logan tells Kat about Jason Vukovich, AKA The Alaskan Avenger/Avenging Angel. Jason assaulted three convicted pedophiles in an effort to keep them from reoffending. The assaults, as well as a few other charges, led to him receiving a twenty-fiv…