Spoiler They Die

Hosted ByKat and Logan

Spoiler They Die is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by Kat and Logan.

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70 – Mary Vincent & Roxanne Hayes

This week Logan tells Kat about Roxanne Hayes and Mary Vincent. Both victims of Lawrence Singleton who took one’s life and changed the others forever because of his vicious attacks.

Episode 69 – The Mysterious Death of Harry Houdini

This week Kat tells Logan about the life Harry Houdini, and the curious circumstances surrounding his death.

Episode 68- Robert Berdella

This week, Logan tells Kat about Robert Berdella AKA The Kansas City Butcher. Robert plead guilty to the brutal murders of 6 men and gave very detailed confessions of what exactly he did to his victims

Episode 67- Post Parole hearing interview with Tammy Arishenkoff

This week, Logan and Kat have a 2nd interview with Tammy Arishenkoff. David Ennis had his parole hearing on September 15th which was denied. Tammy and Logan discuss what happened during the hearing, new details released and much more!

Episode 66- Charles Sobhraj

This week, Logan tells Kat about Charles Sobhraj. A Vietnamese man who killed over 10 people for not joining his “crime family.” Although he’s confirmed to have killed 10+ people, he is suspected of many more. 

Episode 65- Enriqueta Marti

This week, Kat tells Logan about Enriqueta Marti, AKA The Vampire of Barcelona. Enriqueta kidnapped and prostituted children to pedophiles, then used their remains to make potions and elixirs. 

Mini Madness- Johnny Lewis

SURPRISE! It’s a bonus episode! Logan tells Kat about Jonathan Lewis, an actor who was so misunderstood that it lead to a tragic ending. 

Episode 64-Vigilantes

This week, Logan tells Kat about Hercules and Miriam Rodriguez. Hercules is a Bangladesh Vigilante killer who murdered 3 suspects in young girls sexual assault cases. Miriam Rodriguez is a mother who single handedly captured 10 members of the most danger…

Episode 63 – Allan Legere

This week Kat tells Logan the story of Allan Legere, AKA: The Monster of the Miramichi. In 1989, Allan was behind bars for a crime that had taken place in 1986, when he escaped from prison and went on to commit four more murders.