Spoiler They Die

Hosted ByKat and Logan

Spoiler They Die is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by Kat and Logan.

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Episode 59 – Ronald Glenn West & The Blind River Killer

This week Kat tells Logan two stories! The first is Ronald West, a former police officer turned serial burglar and murderer. The second story is of the Blind River Killer, which has a huge plot twist to wrap up the episode.

Episode 58- Richard Chase

This week, Logan tells Kat about Richard Chase AKA The Vampire of Sacramento. A California serial killer, cannibal and necrophile who brutally murdered 6 victims in 1 month.

Episode 57 – Kelly Anne Bates

This week Kat ruins Logan’s life by telling her the heartbreaking story of Kelly Anne Bates, a young teen that was tragically murdered by her abusive boyfriend.

Episode 56- West Memphis 3 Part 4

This week, Kat and Logan conclude the West Memphis 3 episodes with the 4th and final part. 

Episode 55 1/2- West Memphis 3 Part 3 1/2

Logan and Kat conclude the other half of the West Memphis 3 Part 3 with episode 55 1/2. They couldn’t continue thanks to Kat’s cat having a tantrum

Episode 55- The West Memphis 3 Part 3

This week, Logan happily welcomes back Kat solely to do the Big Pimpin’ sound. Just kidding. We continue our West Memphis 3 series with Part 3 where we cover the trials of Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols

Episode 54 – Aileen Wuornos

This week Logan tells James about Aileen Wuornos, a Florida sex worker who killed 7 men. Logan also gives James a big ol’ Canadian surprise. 

Episode 53- Columbine School Shooting

This week, Logan tells Krystin about the 1999 Columbine school shooting. 2 students killed 13 people and injured 24 in just 45 minutes.

Episode 52- Adam’s Story

This week, Logan tells Kat about Adam Walsh. A little boy who’s death changed the future of missing and exploited children.