Spoiler They Die

Hosted ByKat and Logan

Spoiler They Die is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by Kat and Logan.

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Episode 16 -Russell Johnson

This week, Logan tells Kat the story of Russell Maurice Johnson AKA The Balcony Strangler. He murdered 7 women between 1973-1977, and admitted to over 10 sexual assaults outside of the murders. Join us on Discord!https://discord.com/invite/aePpwx9

Episode 15 – Albert Fish

This week, Kat tells Logan the story of Albert Fish. An American serial killer, rapist, and cannibal convicted of 3 murders and sentenced to death by electrocution. He was also known as the Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria, the Brooklyn Vampire, the Mo…

Episode 14 – Victor Hoffman

This week, Logan tells Kat the story of Victor Hoffman. A Canadian born mass murderer who killed nine people during the early morning hours of August 15, 1967. Join us on Discord!https://discord.com/invite/aePpwx9

Episode 13 – Herbert Mullin

This week, Kat tells Logan the story of Herbert Mullin. A California born serial killer who confessed to killing 13 people to “prevent an earthquake” in the early 1970’s.Join us on Discord!https://discord.com/invite/aePpwx9

Episode 12 – Samuel Little

This week, Logan tells Kat about Samuel Little, AKA: The Most Prolific Serial Killer in US History. The Georgia born serial killer confessed to have murdered a total of 93 women between 1970-2005.https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/samuel-little-most-proli…

The ‘Not a real Episode’ Episode

On this very special Thursday episode, Logan and Kat make each other laugh at Mr. Crowley’s expense. Want to learn more about this Mr. Crowley? You can find him in the Creative Brain Candy Discord Server, along with Kat and Logan.https://discord.com/in…

Episode 11 – Dean Corll

This week, Kat tells Logan the story of Dean Corll, AKA: The Candyman. An American born serial killer who employed some of his later victims at his candy factory. He abducted, tortured, and murdered at least 27 young boys between 1970 – 1973. 

Episode 10 – Myra Hindley

This week Logan tells Kat the story of Myra Hindley, a British serial killer who murdered children alongside her boyfriend, Ian Brady. https://www.crimeandinvestigation.co.uk/crime-files/myra-hindleyhttps://www.biography.com/crime-figure/myra-hindley…

Episode 9 – Jerry Brudos

This week, Kat tells Logan the story of Jerry Brudos, the disgusting feet obsessed killer who was convicted of 3 counts of first degree murder, and given 3 consecutive life sentences in Oregon.