Smoking and Drinking in Space

Hosted ByJason, James and Rob

A sci-fi podcast from a couple of guys who think they know sci-fi.

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Ep. 10 – BSG – S01E08 – Flesh and Bone

In this week’s episode we discuss “enhanced interrogation” (torture by another name), the Adventures of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and his Amazing Friends, and what makes a human… human.

Ep. 9 – BSG – S01E07 – Six Degrees of Separation

In this week’s episode we discuss the uselessness of Baltar, the mystery that is Kolob and Cottle’s magical smoking skills.

Ep. 7 – BSG – S01E05 – You Can’t Go Home Again

In this episode we discuss Starbuck’s immortality, learn how to use Google and talk about the finer points of lightsaber dueling.

Ep. 6 – BSG – S01E04 – Act of Contrition

In this week’s episode we turn and burn, sharpen the tip of the spear and fly into the danger zone with the need for speed in this very special edition of Top Gun: BSG.

Ep. 5 – BSG – S01E03 – Bastille Day

In this episode we explore the finer points of democracy, wax nostalgic on the original BSG series and Red fights a cold.

Ep. 4 – BSG – S01E02 – Water

In this episode we talk about water, freak outs, water, poor ship design decisions, water and police states.  Oh, and also water.

Ep. 3 – BSG – S01E01 – 33

In this episode we explore Gaius’ further descent into madness and mommy/daddy issues for both cylons and humans alike.

Episode 2 – BSG – Miniseries Pt. 2

Welcome to our post-inaugural episode!  Yeah, we did another.  In this episode we explore the proper storage of high explosives, imaginary handjobs and Cylon syphilis.