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We're here to translate Macroeconomics into English... while getting hammered.

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Top Shelf Supply Chain

Take this bottle of scotch for instance. Where did it come from? How did it get here? Where is it going? What happens once it reaches the end of its life-cycle?     Sorry for the publishing delay folks…it’s been a very non-drunkenomical week for u…

Scotch is also Liquid

As long as Scotch is wet, there will never be a liquidity crisis…until the Fed injects it with water. Stop watering down my scotch!! 

Will There Be Blood?

Oil is thicker than blood, let alone scotch…apparently. Episode named after the masterpiece movie: There Will Be Blood. 

Well, it kind of worked…

This rate cut hysteria is turning me into an alcoholic. Not saying I wasn’t before…it’s just that…wait, what do you mean ‘there’s no more scotch’?!

Yeah, but is that Drunkenomical?

Would it be drunkenomical for the Fed to…you know, for them to…. Dang it I drank the question away. 

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