Ep. 94 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E01 – Remembrance

This week the guys are excited to start their coverage of the highly anticipated series that brings Sir Patrick Steward back to the small screen and into the world of Star Trek, it’s Star Trek: Picard, season one, episode one, Remembrance.

Netflix top 10 Scifi – https://screenrant.com/best-sci-fi-movies-netflix-stream-watch/

Mars Rover is Stuck – https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/305205-mars-rover-is-frozen-in-place-following-software-error

Aliens are Human – https://www.space.com/aliens-time-traveling-humans-ufo-hypothesis.html

Change.org petition for Keanu Reeves Day: http://chng.it/h4ywy25y