Ep. 160 – Source Code (2011)

This week Jason and Rob welcome Jon, one of the co-hosts of the upcoming podcast Video Game Lounge, to the show as he plays the part of James as they discuss Jeffrey Wright’s career, Rob’s future as a Forrest Gump impersonator and Jon taps into his inner James as they review 2011’s Source Code.

Rangers of the New Republic – https://www.piratesandprincesses.net/gina-caranos-star-wars-rangers-of-the-new-republic-disney-series-cancelled-confirmed/

Highlander Superman – https://deadline.com/2021/05/henry-cavill-lionsgates-highlander-reboot-chad-stahelski-1234761916/

Shooting Tardigrades – https://www.sciencealert.com/tardigrades-can-survive-high-velocity-impacts-after-being-fired-from-a-gun

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