Ep. 158 – Frequency (2000)

This week James is out sticking thick and veiny things in his mouth and then making awful life choices like eating White Castle, so Jason and Rob welcome Kaden to the show as they talk about programming VCRs, Rob shows off his lack of describing things skills as they review 2000’s film about communications across time, Frequency.

This week’s Rob Sci-Fi News batting average: .333

Punisher vs Spiderman – https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/jon-bernthal-punisher-reportedly-fight-spider-man-mcu/

Grant Gustin Unhappy – https://cosmicbook.news/grant-gustin-quit-flash-cw-mess

Chris Pratt Sci-Fi – https://variety.com/2021/film/news/tomorrow-war-first-trailer-chris-pratt-1234961338/

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