Ep. 134 – The Mandalorian – S02E02 – Chapter 10: The Passenger

This week the guys fill the time with questionable self-pleasure technique theories, James fills his quota of apologies for the year, Rob fills Jason and James with contempt when he tries to defend this filler of an episode as they fill their obligation of reviewing season two, episode two of The Mandalorian.

SW Holiday Special – https://screenrant.com/star-wars-lego-holiday-special-trailer-rey-baby-yoda/

Boba Fett Show – https://screenrant.com/boba-fett-show-mandalorian-season-3-filming-start/

Snyder Cut Trailer Pulled – https://news.avclub.com/hbo-max-pulls-justice-league-snyder-cut-trailer-over-mu-1845566163

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