Episode 22: How May I Sponsor You

How do you sponsor a new Soldier to your organization? Is it done right or is it a complete waste of time? There is a foundation to properly introduce new Soldiers but it’s just that, a foundation. Think outside the box and find a way to make the sponsorship program work for your organization. Introducing a new Soldier the right way is key to success.

Sergeants Bacon and C’Gar start off with a few laughs at the expense of  ‘Soiled’  ‘Thong’  ‘Doobie’ ‘Puppies’ (Spoiler They Die Podcast) as they try to figure out the phonetic alphabet. Seriously though, check them out if you haven’t already! Show your support for #1 true crime podcast, Spoiler They Die (2020 – Forever).

We are pleased to announce the newest members of the Creative Brain Candy Media Cooperative, the Stay Wild Trauma Child Podcast!