22: How Does Keto Affect Strength?

Today’s episode goes into the complexities of the Keto diet. We go into how the keto diet affects strength specifically in powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters. The study we based this claim off of can be found https://journals.lww.com/nsca-jscr/Fulltext/2018/12000/A_Low_Carbohydrate_Ketogenic_Diet_Reduces_Body.10.aspx/?fbclid=IwAR3IS6MpDTJmNf4qV2D0K-fhuctyyDjv9taSAL-AQFov_PVrwvM2MV2KyvM.
Jimmy, Kareem, and Jimmy go over the keto diet in the sport and our own personal experience with the ketogenic diet. We also as always go into a few tangents and almost end up at each others throat’s over whos stronger. Real meat head sh*t in this episode. Basically its an in depth conversation about the ketogenic diet. Thank you for listening and if you want to leave a like or rating that would be very much appreciated. Same time next Thursday we will be back with our next episode. Feel free to follow us on Twitter or Instagram @Catobophobia for behind the scenes and a deeper look at us as individuals. 
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